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DESIGNING Successful Events:

What Participants Really Want!

Target group:
Curious individuals who want to bring not just one ace up their sleeve to the next meeting for their event, but an entire deck of cards. With this innovative method, you will develop targeted and successful events for your audience.


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There are countless event formats out there, but whether it's a conference, retreat, or barcamp:

 Events are only successful when they meet or exceed the expectations of the target audience. But what exactly do your participants expect from your event?

This workshop and its accompanying materials are the essence of a three-year research project that analyzed the expectations and needs of event participants. The careful distillation of all research results led to 9 core expectations and 39 solutions for meeting them optimally.

Guided by an event expert, you will immediately develop suitable designs. With our collaborative approach, everyone on the team can contribute their knowledge and ideas to create professional event designs during the workshop and future meetings.

Designing your event will be successful in no time – our digital, internationally applicable event cards and an online template in Mural will be available to you afterwards.

Your benefits:

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  • Gain a scientific background in innovative event design.
  • Develop successful events for every target group in the future – and enjoy doing it!
  • Learn how to optimally present your new event design as a pitch.
  • Train your coordination and communication skills.
  • Receive extensive working materials in English, an online mural template, and concrete practical tips.

Description and Focus

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  • Core activities of every event – the meta-level.
  • Innumerable solution variations – finding the right combination.
  • Practical test: Mural as a digital tool for easy collaboration!
  • Virtual Coffee Talk– exchange with colleagues.

Good to know

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The browser-based software Mural will be used.
You will receive an introduction to Mural as video tutorials in advance.

Professional development
This workshop offers employees the opportunity to improve their skills in conference planning and document competencies in this area. This is particularly valuable for ambitious employees who want to profile themselves internally and externally and act as ambassadors for their institution.

Graduate academies:
This workshop provides an additional benefit for graduates and postdocs considering a career outside of academia. By documenting successful events, you can credibly convey to potential employers that you have high professional and organizational competence.

Cooperation Partner:
Prof. Dr. Lukas Zenk

Lukas was head of the research project and co-founder of Designing.Events. He loves to inspire people and organizations to innovate and co-create. Bored with traditional conferences and fascinated by the development of new interactive meetings, he supports teams worldwide to create events that really matters.

He works as a Professor for Innovation and Network Research at Danube University Krems, Department for Knowledge and Communication Management. In his studies he analyzes how people in organizations and events interact, and how collaborative innovations emerge.

As a trainer, organizational consultant, and keynote speaker he bridges the gap between science and business. He was awarded several times for his innovative projects, lectures, and talks. When he is not working, he is passionate about kitesurfing, wakeboarding and jumping on trampolines with his kids.


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